Get the On-line Directory on your phone

Get the On-line Directory on your phone

ShelbyNext membership software enables members to have an online membership directory available from the church website and/or on their personal cell phones. You must contact Rock Sumner at the church office, 402-333-7466, to obtain a username and an initial password. The password can be changed after your first login. Set up the app for use on your phone to have instant directory information available to you.

Follow these instructions for iphones and Android phones.

Membership Directory App Installation – ShelbyNEXT | Membership

iPhone (iOS)

  1. Open APP STORE
    Search Shelby Next Membership
    Enter your personal PASSWORD for ITunes or Apple Store
  2. domain on the top line appears in black letters – replace “domain” with PCOC
  3. Look to the bottom of your screen “New User – Create an Account”
    Complete all fields identified with an *
    User Name (the username assigned to you)
    Password (the initial password assigned to you)
    Confirm Password
    First Name
    Last Name
    Email (this needs to be the email that is associated with our church directory)
  4. Located in the upper right hand corner of your screen is the option – SAVE


Android OS

  • Open Play Store
  • Tap search field and type “ShelbyNext
  • Tap the magnifying glass on your keyboard to search
  • Find and tap ShelbyNext | Membership in the returned list
  • Tap the INSTALL button
  • Wait for download and automatic installation to complete
  • Once installation has completed, tap the OPEN button
  • Tap “New user? Create and account.” At the bottom of the screen (Username and Password fields will disappear)
  • Tap “” and type “pcoc” (it should now say “”)
  • Tap the Create Account button
  • Tap the Username field and type in the username assigned to you
  • Tap the Password field and type in the initial password assigned to you
  • Tap the Confirm Password field and retype your password from the previous field
  • Enter First Name and Last Name in the same manner as above
  • Preferred Name and Gender are optional
  • Address Information will be pulled from the church directory – you can skip this
  • Phone information will be pulled from the church directory – you can skip this
  • Tap the Email field – this field may be hidden by your keyboard; back out of keyboard and tap the Email field to gain access – and type in the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE CHURCH DIRECTORY so that the program can authenticate you
  • Tap the check mark in the upper left corner of your screen and wait to be signed in to the app
  • Tap the directory button to view the membership directory

Our Location

Presbyterian Church of the Cross
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phone: 402-333-7466
fax: 402-697-9084
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