Adult Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Classes - 10:00 AM;
September 10 - May 13 with breaks at Christmas and Lent

Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most
by Marcus J. Borg
Led by Bob Binhammer
September 10 – December 17, 2017

Marcus J. Borg shares how he formed his bedrock religious beliefs, contending that Christians in America are at their best when they focus on hope and transformation and shows how we can return to what really matters most.  With each chapter embodying a distinct conviction, Borg writes on the beliefs that can ground us and guide us, such as:  God is real and a mystery; salvation is more about this life than an afterlife; the Bible can be true without being literally true; and to love God is to love like God.  This is Borg’s last book before he died. It reflects his faith journey throughout the years and how his thoughts have changed.


The Letters of James and Peter
by William Barclay
Led by Rev. Chester Mason
September 10 – December 17, January 7 – February 11, April 8 – May 13

Located in the back of the New Testament, these letters are very important. The letter of James struggled long to be accepted and Barclay examines the questions of its authorship and dating along with a discussion of its contents on personal ethics. Barclay places the First Letter of Peter within its context as a general epistle, gives background into its authorship and audience and delves into its many theological contributions to topics like the role of women.  The second letter of Peter is primarily a denunciation of heretics and false teachers.  As a class, we will look at all three letters in their historical and theological context and the message they give to us in the 21st century using the expertise of one of the greatest theologians in Presbyterian History – William Barclay (1907-1978)


From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
PBS Frontline video series
Led by Keith Allen
January 7- January 28 and April 8 – April 29

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians is a video documentary series created by PBS-Frontline telling the epic story of the rise of Christianity. The series calls on some 20 different experts, including biblical scholars, theologians, anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, and historians to explore the life and death of Jesus, the men and women whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom created the religion we know now as Christianity.  Each week we will watch a 20-25-minute video and then discuss what we have seen and heard with prompts from a variety of discussion questions and our own inspired insights.

Part One: (the first four videos) January 7 – January 28
Part Two: (the second four videos) April 8 – April 2


Class Title: Boundaries with Kids: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, to Help Your Children Gain Control of Their Lives by Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud
Led by Tim and Brenda Graumann
Sunday mornings 10:00 – 11:00 AM
January 7 – February 11, 2018

Dr. Townsend and Dr. Cloud take you through the ins and outs of instilling the kind of character in your children that will help them lead balanced, productive and fulfilling adult lives. You will learn how to:

  • Set limits and still be a loving parent
  • Bring control to an out-of-control family life
  • Apply the 10 laws of boundaries to parenting
  • Define appropriate boundaries and consequences for your kids
  • And much more!

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