Lenten Study
  • Lenten Study is an all-church study for 7 weeks during Lent.

  • All Small groups will be using the book The God We Can Know, Exploring the I Am Sayings of Jesus by Rob Fuquay.

  • The book includes DVD clips each week that were filmed in the Holy Land, at the location where Jesus spoke the "I Am" sayings.

  • The sermons will revolve around the book during the Lenten season. Small groups will be formed and the study will be led by church members.

  • You can request specific people you want to be in your small group when you register.

  • It's important that you pre-register by Sunday, February 19th.

  • Registration forms and books are available at tables in the Narthex and in the Lobby on Sunday mornings.

  • A $10.00 donation is requested to help supplement the cost of the program.

  • Our goal is to have 150 participating in this study.

  • We hope you will be one of them!! Sign up this Sunday if you haven't already!!

Our Location

Presbyterian Church of the Cross
1517 South 114th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
phone: 402-333-7466
fax: 402-697-9084
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