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Jon Boomgarden - Coordinator

teacher appreciation

A part of the Mission Committee's mission statement is a commitment to at-risk youth.  Many activities are conducted at several Omaha Public Schools to support them throughout the year.  Non-budgeted priority items are assessed with 5 schools: Independent Learning Program (ILP), Walnut Hill, Sherman, Bancroft and King.  The top ones, including hygiene and toiletry products, are purchased with the committee's contribution to assist at-risk youth.  A back-to-school supplies project is conducted each August to provided backpacks, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, paper, crayons, erasers, glue, etc. for 4 schools: ILP, Walnut Hill, Sherman, and Bancroft.  PCOC Junior High youth help with this project.  Special funding requests are reviewed by the committee when received.  Recently printers and mission-related project supplies were provided for King Elementary teachers who are teaching students how to reach out to those in need.

The Mission Committee supports the graduation for the ILP at Druid Hill by purchasing decorations and corsages for program leaders, speakers and singers.  An 8'X10" picture frame with their picture and a $10 gift card is provided to each graduate.  The parents or caregiver/guardian of the graduate treasure the framed picture.

Staff and teachers are also recognized who work with at-risk youth at 3 schools by hosting “Teacher Appreciation Lunches” catered by Farmhouse in March or April for about 29 teachers at ILP, 43 Walnut Hill, and 13 at Omaha Street School (OSS).  Volunteers from PCOC attend to support their commitment and honor them in this way.  Each staff member and teacher is recognized with a gift card.  Volunteers enjoy sharing conversation with these special teachers.  We reaffirm our mission-relationship to these schools in this very meaningful way.  The teachers are so very thankful for this recognition and our support.  It is always a rewarding experience for all full of joy and thankfulness!

teacher appreciation

In 2008, the Omaha Public School Board recognized Presbyterian Church of the Cross as an “A+ Advocate”, the first congregation to ever receive such a distinction.

Many opportunities besides these exist for meaningful and rewarding service to students at these schools.  Contact the coordinator if you would like to serve.


Julie Buehler - Coordinator

In November, winter needs are assessed at 5 key mission elementary school partners: Sherman, King, Walnut Hill, Bancroft and Laura Dodge. It is cold in the winter and many students do not have the clothing needed to keep warm going to and from school or playing on the playground. Under these conditions, kids do not learn well. The PCOC Mission Committee's annual Coats, Clothing & Shoes Mission serves these students and aligns to the committee’s mission – to help youth-at risk.

Julie Buehler is the coordinator and is supported by her daughter, Kristin Johnson, son-in-law, Rob, and her granddaughters, MacKenzie and Corah. This year, your annual pledges provided funding for the Mission Committee to purchase the following items and more for $3,500:

  • 102 coatstrunk full of clothes
  • 28 pairs of shoes
  • 133 pairs of underwear
  • 47 pairs of gloves
  • 165 pairs of socks
  • 50 sweatpants
  • 29 sweatshirts
  • 8 pairs of boots

Several store bargains are researched and purchased based on what each school needs. Rob delivered the items to the schools (pictured is Rob’s car). The school administrators, teachers, parents, and kids greatly appreciated our church's support with winter clothing. They experience so many expressions of thank you and appreciation that we will never know.

Thank you, congregation, for your generous support of Mission. You truly have the 'Spirit of Mission’. Thank you to this wonderful family for taking much of their time to give to another!

Contact the coordinator if you would like to serve.

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