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Sunday Morning Education at 10:00am


Every Sunday morning at 10:00


Presbyterian Church of the Cross
1517 South 114th Street
Omaha, NE 68144

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Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home

Led by Amy Miller
September 8 – December 8
Sundays, 10:00 a.m.

Fellowship for Families (FFF) welcomes all PCOC families with children ages birth through high school! It’s a great way to meet other PCOC families or catch up with families you already know! Parents are invited to meet during the Sunday school hour (when not teaching or taking other Sunday school classes) to enjoy fellowship with other PCOC families and engage in an informal book study. Our first book will be Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home. We’ll also try to plan quarterly family activities for those able to join us. Don’t worry if you can’t make every week or event, we’d love to have you join us when it works with your schedule! Feel free to invite other PCOC families who may be interested in participating in FFF.


The Gospel of Mark

Led by Keith Allen
September 8 – December 8
Sundays, 10:00 a.m.

Join Keith Allen to investigate the gospel of Mark, one of the most crucial books of the Bible, and how it came to be.  Yes, we will read scripture, but we will also use as a resource and guide the book entitled Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Mark, which seeks to understand Mark, and through numerous historical resources, gain a greater understanding of the Bible.  Authored by famed scholar Marcus Borg, the Conversations book offers Borg’s own interpretation of scripture, at times profound and always provocative, inviting readers to consider their own interpretation along the way. 

Spiritual masters of the protestant tradition – c.s. Lewis

Led by Dr. Carl Greiner
October 6 – November 10
Sundays, 10:00 a.m.

This six-week course will examine C.S. Lewis’ work Mere Christianity, which was initially presented as a series of radio lectures. He wrote an accessible book that focused on central aspects of Christianity; he has the modest presentation of not being a minister or Biblical scholar, but a man of faith. We will spend time reading through the book and having active discussions on his thoughtful points. 

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Suicide Awareness

January 6 – 27, 2019
Led by: Dr. Carl Greiner

Suicide causes a tragic loss of 45,000 Americans per year, has an increasing frequency, and is the 10th leading cause of death. It is the second leading cause of death for the age group 10-34. The four week course will provide a review of risk factors/warning signs and protective factors in suicidal behavior. There is no one factor that predicts suicide. However, there are established precipitating factors; we will discuss common factors such as depression, substance abuse, childhood abuse, acute stress (financial, loss of relationship and divorce) discrimination and age. Relevant literature such as William Styron’s Darkness Visible will be discussed. The presenter will provide vignettes for discussion. As a clinician, the presenter will focus on the “why now” question. Active class discussion will be the major learning experience. The course goal will be the encouragement to reach out to those who may be at risk and providing resource information.

Life Planning Seminar

September 9-October 28
Coordinated by Cross Care Committee

We spend hours planning our lives – colleges, careers, where to raise our children. But then we seem to stop planning our lives. We sit back and relax, but the clock keeps ticking off the days and years. Soon we discover that we forgot to plan for one third of our lives and all the decisions that should have been made.

Let Cross Care help you begin thinking about that one-third of your life, or your parent’s lives by attending our Life Planning Seminar 2018 during the Sunday School hour beginning September 9.

This program is designed for those who are entering retirement age, have parents entering retirement age, or for those who just want to know what new options are available for one third of their lives.

Dr Julie Masters, PhD, will kick off our eight-week Seminar. Dr. Masters is chair of the Gerontology Department at the Nebraska Medical Center. She will be speaking on “Aging as a Process and Not a Disease.”

Other sessions include Elder Law; Living Options; Downsizing: What Do We Do with All Our Stuff? How Do We Know When We Need Hospice? Why Do We Need a Funeral Home and What about Cremation? There are eight sessions, ending on October 28.

Cross Care wants to give you some tools and assistance as you make decisions for a third of your life. Mark your calendars, bring a friend, and make all the sessions a part of your Fall learning opportunities!

Evolution and Your Faith—addressing the conflict

Led by Earlene Uhrig
November 4—December 9

The six sessions can be stand alone, however, your understanding of evolution and your personal faith on this topic will be enhanced by attending all six sessions. Each session will include a specific discussion question, basic background information, a video presentation

(10-15 min) and discussion time for the topic question. The two goals are: 1) to understand the value of scientific findings in our rapidly expanding base of human knowledge on this topic, and 2) to take the time to explore your individual, and very personalized, belief of God’s influence in this process.

The Foundation of the Christian Faith: Old Testament

Led by Rev. Chet Mason
September 9—December 9

The Bible has been labeled as the foundation document of Western thought. It is read in synagogues, temples and churches. It is cited on the floor of the Senate and from the bench in the courtroom. The twenty four lectures offer an introduction to the history, literature and religion of ancient Israel and early Judaism as it is presented in the collection of texts called the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible.

Following a brief description of Biblical materials and the means by which they may be appreciated, we will turn to critical tools that are useful for gaining a deeper appreciation of Scripture. The discussion will conclude by noting a few Biblical contributions to the Western Culture. The DVD lectures will be done by Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, a professor at Vanderbilt University Divinity School. Discussion of the lectures will follow.

Thinking About Religion and Violence

Led by Bob Binhammer
September 9-December 9

Starting in September we will explore “Thinking about Religion and Violence.” Prof. Jason Bivins from North Carolina State University has produced a series of 24 lectures dealing broadly with religion and violence.   With the help of a DVD we will listen to his talks for 30 minutes each Sunday and then discuss the contents and or meaning. The series begins with some definitions and then he gives examples of religion and violence in several countries of the world, against women, native Americans, slaves, Islam, Semites, etc. There will be an opportunity to discuss what can be done about religious violence.

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