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 Mission Trips of our JHF Group

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JHF will be traveling to Sioux Falls, South Dakota July 26-28 for their mission trip. On Friday and Saturday, they will be serving the homeless and seniors in the community. After worshipping at First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, they will stop at Wild Waters Waterpark for some fun and then head home.

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3rd Annual Mission Trip

The 3rd annual JHF Mission trip took us to the city Prairie Village, Kansas where we did a wide variety of activities in three short days!  We were hosted by the members of Southminster Presbyterian Church , where we slept, ate our meals, and enjoyed meeting some of their youth on a humid Friday evening in July.  Here are some of the highlights from the trip:
We spent Friday afternoon at STOP HUNGER NOW which sponsors a meal packaging program, a fun hands-on international mission project where volunteers work in an assembly line to package high protein, vitamin rich meals.  This was a REALLY FUN project for the jr. highs and a very productive one as well. They packaged 3,250 meals in less than two hours!!  The highlight was having one of the youth hit a big gong on the wall every time we packaged 500 meals.  This was repeated many times, each time we hit the 500 mark.  What an incentive!!   It was a very rewarding experience for the youth and adults who participated and something that we had never done before!
On Saturday morning we went to the Kansas City Rescue Mission, which is a homeless shelter for men in downtown Kansas City.  We provided lots of hard labor cleaning chairs, walls, furniture, and a variety of other interesting tasks.  It certainly took all of us out of our “comfort zone” but we know we made a difference in the lives of the men who stay there every evening.
Saturday afternoon took us to the Blessings Abound Thrift Store which is the largest thrift store in the KC area!  We were divided into small work groups and did everything from sorting donations, to helping at the checkout counter, to organizing toys, clothing and home items.  The best part of this experience was letting the kids spend the last half hour shopping at the Thrift Store.  It was fascinating to see the different items that they found appealing and wanted to buy.  (a wedding dress?  A large stuffed fish that did actually make it back to Omaha, and other amazing items.)
After worshiping with the members of Southminster Church on Sunday morning, we headed to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun for a day of fun, warm weather and sunshine.  The weather wasn’t exactly what we had hoped for but the rain didn’t slow the kids down.  Just a few delays when they closed the rides due to lightening.  It was an enjoyable day at the park and a well-deserved break for the 25 youth and adults who participated in the mission  trip.   MANY THANKS to all the  adults who went with us…. Carla & Jon Fritz, MaryLynn and John Bennett, Lynda Disndale, and Jen Paul who came along to shop and prepare all the meals for us!  The food was just fantastic and we all ate very well!   It was a memorable weekend and a great opportunity for me to get to know our JHF youth a lot better! 

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