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Programs and Committee Members


Contact any member of the Mission Committee


Mission Committee Members:

  • John Bennett (moderator)
  • Keith Allen
  • Jon Boomgaarden
  • Kevin Bunjer
  • Janelle Davis
  • Jimmy Downes
  • Karin Hjerpstedt
  • Paul Holubeck
  • Karen Metzger
  • Kathy Moore
  • Karen Morey
  • Tina Morgan
  • Tom Searson
  • Wally Stern
  • Sandi Stuckey
  • Darrell Stuedemann
  • Clarence Waters
  • Danny Whitlow
  • Matt Will
  • Marshall Zieman (Staff Liaison).


Through our mission ministries we seek to follow Christ’s example of demonstrating faith and love through action. Volunteers are at the heart of our efforts and all are welcome to participate. For more information contact any member of the Mission Committee. Watch for announcements in the bulletin and in our Cross Currents newsletter as well as on this website.

Primary Mission Programs

Adult Mission Trips

Local and regional trips to provide assistance to those in need
Clarence Waters— coordinator

AllPlay Miracle Baseball League

Assist players with special needs to enjoy baseball at Seymour Smith Park
Sandi Stuckey – coordinator

Camp Calvin Crest

Work days for camp repairs and upkeep
Jon Boomgaarden — coordinator


Advocate for abused or neglected children while under Juvenile Court jurisdiction in Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Sandi Stuckey – coordinator


Building and landscaping
Matt Will — coordinator

Heartland Hope Mission

Providing food, clothing, shelter
John Bennett — coordinator

Home Delivered Meals

Lunch delivery to those in need
Wally Stern — coordinator

International Mission

Partnership with Grace Baptist Church in Gnozdovo, Russia
Janelle Davis, Karen Morey — co-coordinators

Omaha Street School

Supporting Christian alternative high school
Tina Morgan — coordinator

School Support

Supporting staff and teachers for their work with at-risk children
Jon Boomgaarden — coordinator

Siena/Francis House

Service and support for local shelter for homeless
Keith Allen — coordinator

Voices for Children in Nebraska

Advocating for children at-risk
Kathy Moore – coordinator

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