“Everyone deserves the chance to play baseball”

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2020 Schedule

Due to concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, the 2020 summer season has been cancelled. The fall season is still planned at this time.


Volunteers Needed?

Yes! Contact Sandi Stuckey

The AllPlay Miracle Baseball League is a special, non-competitive baseball league for children with special needs with over 400 players on over 24 teams. The AllPlay Complex, built in 2008, is located at Seymour Smith Park, 6802 Harrison Street. It is the finest barrier free sports and recreation complex in the nation and utilizes barrier-free design concepts that allow people who have mobility impairments and other disabilities to fully enjoy sports and recreation. AllPlay’s Miracle Baseball League for children, young adults, and adults with special needs believes: “ Everyone deserves the chance to play baseball ”. PCOC sponsors a team, wants to sponsor another team, and encourages PCOC members and families to get involved in these ways:

  • Buddy volunteers assist players one-on-one and accompany a player around the field, in the dugout and throughout the ball game to help them play the game and have fun.  A buddy might push a wheelchair,  walk alongside of their player from base to base, help their player bat, and assists them in playing their field position for 2 games.
  • Game Day volunteers help with a wide variety of activities to make game day an great experience that may include: coaching, greeting, managing the concession stand, umpiring (no balls or strikes!), be AllPlay’s mascot (Homer), announce games, set up the field, take down the field, help in general, help with picnics, and more.

The mission of AllPlay Volunteers is to: Make the AllPlay Miracle Baseball League the greatest experience for each player every game day,  and make the game day experience wonderfully memorable for players, families, guests, and volunteers.

Contact the coordinator, Sandi Stuckeyif you would like to serve.



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