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Church of the Cross

Who We Are:

Presbyterian Church of the Cross proclaims the Good News of the grace of God, unites God’s family in praise and thanksgiving, attends to the spiritual needs of our members, and reaches out with an evangelistic effort to the wider community. Our church provides a focus for the comfort, care and support of those in need, and empowers us to serve God and the needs of others.

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Next Sunday:

October 27, 2019

Service – 9:00 a.m & 11:10 a.m.
Dr. Marshall Zieman, preaching

10:00 Education

Music –
9:00 Trintiy Brass
1:10 Alleluia Singers
Resound; Larry Frederickson, guitar (both services)

Dana Sloan, organ

Childcare provided.

Presbyterian Church of the Cross
1517 South 114th Street,
Omaha NE 68144


What’s Coming Up at PCOC


49ers – November 5

Our program for Tuesday, November 5, 2019, will be Bob Loghry and Brad Price of the Omaha Bee Club. Bob is Vice President of the Omaha Bee Club and, with Brad, will give us first hand information regarding bees and how we need them and how they are disappearing. I believe that Bob intends to bring along some visual information for our education. Many of us have grown up on farms and understand how important bees are to our farmers and to our city flower and vegetation lovers. Promises to be a “honey” of a program.
The lunch location is Gorat’s, 4917 Center Street, at 11:30 a.m. Every one is welcome, whether or not you are 49, younger or older, come join us!  We will order from a special menu. For reservations or questions, please contact Donna Turner, 402-397-3643, or Judy Sundberg, 402-333-6981. We also have a sign-up sheet at the Information Center.

Upcoming Events:


Sunday Services at PCOC

Worship Schedule


Service Times: 9:00am & 11:00am
Sunday Education: 10:00am
(Winter schedule begins Sunday after Labor Day)


Service Time: 10:00am
(One Service 10:00 a.m., Memorial Day through Labor Day)


Presbyterian Church of the Cross
1517 South 114th Street
Omaha, NE 68144

About Our Worship

Worship at Presbyterian Church of the Cross (PCOC) is traditional and welcoming to diverse people of all ages. Based in the Reformed Tradition, the worship experience includes the reading and preaching of the Scriptures as well as expressions of prayer and praise.

Visitors are welcome! Information about our church is available in each pew. There is also a brochure with details on how to join PCOC.

The participation of children is valued in worship, and children are welcome in worship. Secured child care is provided for children up through age four, if desired.

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Fellowship at PCOC…

Church of the Cross has a number of groups that meet to share common interests and good times in a Christian context. Members enjoy food, various cultural events, outdoor activities, books and quilting in the company of church friends, all strengthening the ties of our church family. Many different fellowship groups are available for individuals of varied ages and interests.

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