There’s a Group for Everyone at PCOC!

Church of the Cross has an active and engaged congregation. We offer many opportunities to gather with others in Christian faith.


Due to concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, all fellowship activities are currently cancelled.

The 49ers

Every 1st Tuesday from 11:30am to 1:00pm
Meeting time & location vary – See bulletin & CrossCurrents for plans.

All adult persons of any age are welcome to join the 49ers for fun and fellowship. Speakers are selected from all around the ares. Meeting plans are announced in the church bulletin and in Cross Currents. New members are always welcomed! Contact Donna Turner  or Judy Sundberg for more information.

Active Minds

Every Tuesday from 2 p.m.- 4 p.m.
Great Room on the lower level

Afternoon Social Group! This is a drop-in group that you may attend whenever your schedule allows.  Each month a new card or board game will be offered.  We will teach you how to play, on whichever week you can join us.  The goal is to keep learning!

Bring your own beverage in a closed cup.  No food.  Just show up and enjoy yourself.  Questions, email Earlene Uhrig or Debbie Mazgaj.

Book Group

Every 3rd Wednesday from 5:15pm to 6:30
Room 14

We encourage all interested readers to join us from 5:15 to 6:30 for lively discussion. Bring your own supper or snack if you wish. Newcomers are always welcome!

Friday Night Gourmets

Every 2nd Friday at 6:30 p.m.
Location varies – See bulletin & CrossCurrents for plans.

Friday Night Gourmets is a dining out group that meets the second Friday of each month, September through May. Our gatherings begin at 6:30 with socializing and dinner. Various members act as host and co-host, selecting the restaurant for the month. Each December for the past several years, we have had a potluck at a host’s home rather than eating at a restaurant.

This is a lively and inviting group! Please join us! Watch the worship bulletin and Cross Currents for information about our next event. Sign up sheets are at the Information Center.

If you have questions about the group you are welcome to contact Curt
Field or Launie Lambert.

Piecemakers of the Cross

Wednesday evenings, Sept – May
Room 11

The PieceMakers formed in January, 2001, and they have enjoyed prolific quilt making since the beginning. Our mission is to make quilts to welcome newborns into our church family, and we continued to joyfully fulfill that mission. If you venture to Room 11 on any Wednesday evening, September through May, you will find a talkative group of all ages, both experienced quilters and novices, cutting, pinning, stitching, and having a great time! We welcome new members of all ages, regardless of quilting ability.

At any given time, there are 5-10 quilts in varying stages of production, and enough work to keep 10-20 people busy each week. PieceMakers have sewn other projects too. Easter banners for the sanctuary, appreciation quilts for retiring staff, 26 quilts for our partner church’s camp in Russia, tote bags for Bible school in Russia, a raffle quilt and other similar projects. On May 20, 2012 PieceMakers gave the 100th quilt to a new baby in the congregation. Children were asked to bring their own baby quilts to church to share. A warm and cuddly display radiated love out into the congregation. See you in September!!!

Stop by the Information Center to see our scrap book!

Music & Movement

Every 3rd Wednesday from 5:15pm to 6:30
Room 14

An active group of predominately “senior citizens” (all levels) meets two mornings a week to exercise, body and spirit! Monday and Thursday morning classes offer an early exercise session at 9:15a.m. that is repeated at 11:00a.m. In between, we offer “singing” (for our enjoyment only) to exercise our vocal cords and sing music that has special meaning to us – anything from early-mid 20th century to old hymns and Americana. Each segment of activity is 45 minutes in length. Exercise takes place in the “Great Room” on the lower level (enter through the north church parking lot), and the singing happens in the choir room on the main floor of the church. You are invited to participate with any or all morning activities!

The exercise routines require you to wear supportive shoes and loose, comfortable clothing. If you are presently under a doctor’s care, you may want to share what you will be doing with that professional, but for the most part, the exercise can be adjusted to the level of exertion that you feel you need. Exercise begins with stretching out, deep breathing, and general warm up. We use light weights for strength building and resistance bands for toning, all as part of the class. After a cool down, we have accumulated about 2 miles of movement. (We recently marked off a track in the north lot of the church for those who prefer just walking, or for warming up or cooling down before/after class.) The exercise music that we use is varied and much of it is music with which many of us grew up singing and dancing through our younger days. The singing session is a variety of what was mentioned above, depending on the mood of the group! (We take our song books to retirement facilities and sing with those residents regularly, too.) We are a very active, fun-loving group who are determined to maintain our health and enjoy life in the process.

There are no pre-requisites to join our fellowship – just a cheerful spirit and an eagerness to be healthy as we share and enjoy the blessings of our lives together. No charge, no “auditions”, no age or gender or church affiliation requirements – ALL are welcome. Call Betty Baddley if more information is needed.

Tables for Eight

Precise dates each month are determined by members of each group
Members of each group take turns hosting at their homes.

Tables for Eight is a opportunity for singles and couples of all ages, to become better acquainted with others in the church, build new friendships and community, and enjoy a monthly meal at someone’s home. A Table for Eight grouping is assigned for a four month session (Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.), (Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr.), and (May, June, July, Aug.). Deadline for the first session is August 10, second session is December 10, and third session is April 10. You may register at any time and be placed on the “Substitute List” until the next session begins; then you’ll become a “Regular.” Registration form can be found here and also at the Information Center. Further questions, contact Pam Otto.


How It Works

  • Membership Committee will group eight people from those participating.
  • Singles and couples are always very welcome in any group. If a couple signs up, they are counted as two of the eight.
  • Each Table for Eight decides the day and time they’ll meet.
  • A Table for Eight grouping is assigned for a four month session (Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.), (Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr.), and (May, June, July, Aug.). Participants are reassigned each session. Reassignments are made by email or phone.
  • Hosting is rotated among the group. The host is responsible for the main dish and beverages, and the remaining members bring the rest of the meal, e.g. appetizer, salad and bread, vegetable, and dessert. At the end of each gathering, the group decides who will host next and when to meet.
  • At the end of the year, participants will evaluate the program and modifications may be made.
  • If you are currently in a “Tables for Eight” grouping or on the “substitute list,” you will automatically be assigned to a new group or remain on the “substitute list” unless you notify Pam Otto.


Does this have to be a dinner?

No. This may be a brunch, lunch or even just appetizers/desserts and beverages. Each group decides this, but dinner seems to fit people’s schedules better.

Do I have to host?

Ideally, this will give each participant an opportunity to host; however, if you are unable to do this, accommodations may be made within the group.

What if I don’t like to cook?

The food contribution does not have to be “homemade.”

Is this a Bible Study group?

No. There is no set agenda.

What is the dress attire?


Do I have to sign up for each four month session?

No. Unless you notify Pam Otto by the deadline (see next question), we will assume you’re participating the following session.

What are the signup deadlines?

Deadline for the first session (Sept. – Dec.) is August 10, second session (Jan. – Apr.) is December 10, and third session (May – Aug.) is April 10.

May I sign up for a specific four month session?

Yes. Sign up sheets will always be available at the Information Desk, and we will accommodate your request. Tables may be configured to accommodate the number of participants.

May I sign up as a substitute?

Yes. This list will be used to fill in when regulars cannot attend. The substitute will contribute to the meal.

If a substitute cannot attend, may I invite someone else?

Definitely. Hopefully this will encourage new people to sign up next session.