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Sunday Morning Fellowship

(With Instructions for Hosts)

Instructions for Hosts:

Instructions for our Sunday Morning Fellowship hosts can be read on this page, or downloaded for printing and easy access using the buttons below:


All are invited to enjoy a few minutes together in Fellowship Hall following first service, prior to classes, and following classes prior to second service. Light refreshments are provided. Be well rounded! Participate today in Worship, Education, and Fellowship!


Instructions for Hosts:

Instructions for our Sunday Morning Fellowship hosts can be read on this page, or downloaded for printing and easy access using the buttons below:

Instructions for Sunday Morning Fellowship Hosts

These are step by step instructions to make the job of Coffee Host run smoothly. The instructions are designed for a two person team; one does coffee and the other prepares treats, lemonade and water.

ORIENTATION            Please read below before you begin.

  1. Turn lights on in Fellowship Hall using panel on south wall and west side at the top of the north stairs.
  2. Service and Soiled Dish Windows– Raise the three service windows and the soiled dish window.
  3. Personal Belongings– store item in cupboard (27L), which is in the aisle to the left of the windows as you enter the west kitchen door.
  4. Cupboard Locations– The kitchen is organized so that all drawers and cupboards are For example, (25L) is cupboard 25 “Lower” and (25U) is cupboard 25 “Upper.” The key to unlock cupboard (8U) is found in the “Kitchen Maintenance Notebook” which is located in the drawer of the stainless-steel table as you enter the   kitchen. (8U) is the cupboard above the microwave.
  5. Hands wash them in the hand-washing sink, which is in the aisle to the left of the windows as you enter the kitchen. Extra paper towels are in (27L).
  6. Disposable Gloves– found in drawer (35L), which is located under the worktable in the center of the kitchen,  Please wear when touching food..
  7. Towels located in drawer (35L), which is located under the worktable in the center of the kitchen.
  8. Supplies– most are in cupboard (4U) or (8U) next to the coffee machine.
    Extra Supplies
    • Napkins (13U)
    • Disposable Cups (10U) or in boxes on the floor (behind the sink) as you enter the kitchen through the west door.
    • Coffee, Tea Bags, Coffee Filters, Powdered Lemonade, Coffee Stirrers in and on top of (8U).
    • Sugars, Creamers (4U) top shelf.
  9. Stainless Steel Tea Pot(4U); Bonavita Electric Tea Pot – on counter next to coffee brewer
  10. Bowls (2L) to use as discard bowls for tea bags, empty sugars/creamer packets, and    
  11. China Coffee Cups(17L) (18L) As you set out cups on the counter top, take empty racks to the Soiled Dishes Window to receive the cups after they have been used.
  12. Treats– in freezer (may include cookies, donut holes, and other baked goods.) Please use any leftover treats from the previous week first.  (If you can’t open the freezer door, there may be a vapor lock; so, go around and open the opposite door, and the original one will open.)
  13. Coffee, Hot Tea, Sugars/Creamer, Lemonade, Water, Treats Placement Diagrams – Pink Notebook (4U).
  14. Blue Round Treat Trays(38L) – under center island
  15. Coffee/Decaf/Hot Tea Signs– on counter to the left of the coffee brewers.
  16. Blue Jar and Thank You Sign– on counter to the left of the coffee brewers.
  17. Lenten Study– see “Lenten Study Coffee Notes.”




    Remove the brewer unit. Pull handle forward, lift out brewer cone and check for leftover coffee.  Pour out any coffee and rinse brewer.  Replace brewer cone, and pull handle back which locks the brewer in place.  Put brewer unit back in place. Insure the brewer lid is open.

  1. Obtain scissors, coffee filters and coffee packets from (4U).
  2. Slide one coffee basket out and be sure rim of basket does not contain any coffee grounds.
  3. Place coffee filter into the basket.
  4. Cut open 4 packets of “Decaffeinated” Coffee and pour the ground coffee into a filtered basket.
  5. Slide the basket back into the coffee machine,
  6. **Double check coffee brewer lid is OPEN at the top and basket is pushed in all the way.**
  7. Place an empty package of decaffeinated coffee over the spigot of the brewer so you and others know it is decaffeinated coffee.
  8. Repeat Steps 2. through 4. for the other basket using 3 packets of Pikes Place Regular Coffee, and place an empty package of regular coffee over the spigot of the brewer so you and others  know it is regular coffee.
  9. Press ENABLE for each side of the brewer and a light will come This has to be turned on for the unit to operate.
  10. Press the amount of coffee to be made. This will light up. For Sundays, select “Full”. We can now make smaller amounts if desired. For 2/3 pot, use 2 packets of ground coffee, and for 1/3 pot use 1 packet of coffee.
  11. Press BREW
  12. There is a timer for each unit that will tell you how long is left while brewing.  Following the brew cycle, the coffee will drip for approximately 2 minutes.
  13. When the coffee is finished brewing, the basket and grounds will be hot.  Carefully remove the basket and carefully empty filter and grounds into the garbage can. Clean basket to remove any coffee grounds that may have collected under the rim of the basket.

Make more REGULAR coffee using new filters and new coffee. Additional brewers are stored on the west wall shelves.
Note:  On Sunday, you usually have to make at least one more full pot of Regular.  Usually only one decaffeinated pot is needed on Sundays.


  1. Fill the stainless-steel teapot from (4U) with hot water from the coffee machine by pressing the HOT WATER spigot in the center of the brewers.  The Bonavita Electric Tea Pot can also be used.  Fill with water, plug in, press the lever down, and a red light will turn on.  Once the water has heated, the tea pot will shut itself off and the light goes out.

      1. TREATS
        • Arrange treats on the three blue trays, which are located in (38L), which is located under the worktable in the center of the kitchen.
        • See “Treats, Lemonade, Water Layout,” which is in the Pink Notebook (4U).
      2. LEMONADE and WATER
        • Obtain 8 plastic pitchers from (1U), which is located next to the east kitchen door.  Four pitchers are for lemonade, and four pitchers are for water.
        • Pour 4 scoops of lemonade powder from (4U) into each of the four pitchers, and fill to 3 inches from the top with cold tap water. Stir well.  May be refrigerated until needed.
        • Add ice to each pitcher of lemonade before serving and place on table.
        • Prepare 4 pitchers with water and ice.  May be refrigerated until needed.
        • Monitor usage and make more lemonade and/or water, if needed.
      3. BLUE JAR
        • Place on table for donations to Cookie Ministry according to “Treats, Lemonade, Water Layout.”

      CLEAN UP      (Leave the Soiled Dishes Window open for late returns.)

      1. Rinse brewer after each use. Remove the drip tray, pull handle forward, lift out center brewer cone, place brewer in sink, and fill with 3 cups water. While in sink, pull spigot forward until water runs clear.  Empty excess water from inside the brewer.  Wipe down, reassemble brewer by inserting center brewer cone and pull handle back which locks the brewer.
      2. Restock supplies.
      3. Return napkins, tea bags, creamer/sugar/sweetener sets, and cups of stirrers to cupboard (4U).
      4. Soiled Dishes Window – be sure a DARK BROWN RACK is at the window for coffee cups only.  Be sure a BEIGE RACK is there as well for all other dishes (pitchers, plates, etc.)
      5. Place remaining treats in a plastic bag from (29L), which is located by the sink in the northwest corner of the kitchen. Date the bag and place it in the freezer. Place the empty cookie trays on the counter by the Soiled Dishes Window
      6. Take used AND unused coffee cups to the Soiled Dishes Window and place them in the DARK BROWN racks.
      7. Empty the lemonade and water pitchers, and carafes. Rinse and place them in the BEIGE rack on the Soiled Dishes Window counter.
                                (NOTE: Other volunteers will wash the cups, pitchers, etc.)
      8. Wipe up spills on Kitchen counters and Fellowship Hall tables.
      9. Put soiled towel(s) and dish cloth(s) in the blue laundry basket across from the coffee machine. (NOTE: Other volunteers will do the laundry; please don’t take them home to launder.)
      10. Retrieve and count the money from the “Blue Jar,” and place in an envelope which is found in (4U).  Record the amount, seal the envelope, and place in the Business Administrator’s mailbox slot at the far end of the church office workroom.

                  Any open window is shut.
                  Coffee machine is turned off (all lights are off).
                  Ice maker lid is shut.
                  Refrigerator and Freezer Doors are closed.
                  Service Windows are lowered.
                  Lights are turned off in Kitchen and Fellowship Hall.
                  Doors are closed into the Kitchen.

      THANK YOU!

      The Congregational Life Committee thanks you for serving as a Sunday Morning Coffee Fellowship Host.  If you have suggestions that may improve the process, please write them down on the “Suggestions and Supplies Needed” form on the clipboard in the kitchen (on the counter by the microwave.)  We appreciate your feedback.  Again, thank you!

      Revised January 2019

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