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Sandi Stuckey

Volunteers Needed?

Yes! For more information on volunteering, contact:

Douglas County:

Sarpy County:



CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is a non-profit organization that is volunteer-based. Volunteers are sworn in as an Officer of the Court and appointed by a Juvenile Court judge to advocate for a child or children during the time that they are under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court as a result of child abuse or neglect.

The CASA Volunteer is appointed to represent the best interest of the child to conduct and to carry out an independent assessment of the child’s situation. The Volunteer meets with the child on a regular basis, and gets to know the child well, and  talks to the child’s parents and other family members, staying in contact with caseworkers, counselors, therapists, teachers, daycare providers, probation officers, visitation specialists, and foster parents – all the adults who know this child and the family situation. The CASA attends team meetings, and Foster Care Review meetings and prepares a report for the Court which includes a summary of the facts of the case, and recommendations about what should happen to the child. Regular communication between the CASA and the Volunteer Supervisor, and regular training opportunities, help the volunteer make good decisions, stay connected to the child, and write powerful reports. CASA Volunteers can truly make a difference!

Could you be a CASA Volunteer and make a difference in a child’s life?
We look forward to hearing from you!

Douglas County-Please visit our website at for more information. Like us on Facebook at CASA for Douglas County. For more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact our office at or by phone at 402-932-5683.

Sarpy County-Please visit our website at for more information.  Like us on Facebook at Sarpy County CASA Program.  For more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact our office at or by phone at 402-593-2259.

Lift up a voice, Lift up a child!

Kimberly Thomas-Executive Director, CASA for Douglas County
Paula Crêps-Executive Director, Sarpy County CASA


Blanket Drive and Other CASA Updates (April 2021)

Church of the Cross provided 75 fleece blankets for CASA’s Project Hope Pack. This is CASA’s signature project which provides backpacks filled with necessities and comfort items for children when they are taken out of their homes or crisis situations. CASA distributes the packs to a variety of organizations that care for children in crisis. Your generosity will help boost spirits and promote dignity, comfort, and normalcy in a time of instability for these kids. Douglas County CASA is indeed grateful for this support! (Sandi Stuckey is pictured with our donations.)

Sarpy county CASA just appointed 12 new Advocates, and they are now able to advocate for all the cases in Sarpy County. Thanks to all volunteers who are serving and helping CASA meet this goal!

PCOC Helps to Make Christmas Merry for CASA Kids

Church of the Cross supports the Douglas and Sarpy CASA organizations (Court Appointed Special Advocate), each year through your pledge giving. We also support them at Christmas time through the Christmas Joy offering.

This year the celebrations in Douglas County were different. Their annual party at the Omaha Children’s Museum for the children/youth could not happen because of COVID-19. Instead, Douglas County CASA gifted each child/youth with a $30 gift from Amazon or Learning Express and a board game. Each child also received a snack pack from Frito Lay and Coke. Santa will visit each household on Zoom on December 22. In total, 220 households were supported this year.

In Sarpy County, CASA accepts unwrapped gifts and donations (including one from PCOC) to purchase gifts to deliver to the homes of the children/youth. In all, 170 homes saw extra joy this Christmas. The advocates were treated with hot cocoa and a CASA cookbook when they picked up the gifts to deliver to the children.

Advocates are needed in each county. If you want to know more about this way to advocate for the children/youth in our area, contact Sandi Stuckey and Kathy Moore on the PCOC Mission committee.