Music & Movement

When & Where

Mondays & Thursdays
9 a.m. and 11 a.m.


Betty Baddley

On two mornings a week, you will find an active group of predominately “senior citizens” (all levels) exercising body and spirit!

Monday and Thursday morning classes offer an early exercise session at 9:15 a.m. that is repeated at 11:00 a.m. In between, we offer “singing” (for our enjoyment only) to exercise our vocal cords and sing music that has special meaning to us – anything from early-mid 20th century to old hymns and Americana. Each segment of activity is 45 minutes in length. Exercise takes place in the “Great Room” on the lower level (enter through the north church parking lot), and the singing happens in the choir room on the main floor of the church. You are invited to participate with any or all morning activities!

Session Overview

The exercise routines require you to wear supportive shoes and loose, comfortable clothing. If you are presently under a doctor’s care, you may want to share what you will be doing with that professional, but for the most part, the exercise can be adjusted to the level of exertion that you feel you need.

Exercise begins with stretching out, deep breathing, and general warm up. The group uses light weights for strength building and resistance bands for toning, all as part of the class. After a cool down, participants have accumulated about 2 miles of movement. (For those who prefer just walking, a track in the north lot of the church has been marked off. It is also used for warming up or cooling down before/after class.

The exercise music is varied and familiar. Members will recall growing up singing and dancing through our younger days to these tunes. The singing session is a variety of what was mentioned above, depending on the mood of the group! (The group takes the song books to retirement facilities and sing with those residents regularly, too.)

All Are Welcome

This is a very active, fun-loving group who is determined to maintain health and enjoy life in the process. There are no pre-requisites to join this fellowship – just a cheerful spirit and an eagerness to be healthy, sharing and enjoying the blessings of lives together. No charge, no “auditions”, no age or gender or church affiliation requirements – ALL are welcome. Call Betty Baddley if more information is needed.