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Rob Bailey

Volunteers Needed?

Yes! Contact our coordinator if you would like to serve.


The primary focus of the Mission Committee is a commitment to at-risk youth. School Support is one of the 6 key missions supported by the Mission Committee. Several Omaha Public Schools in northeast and east Omaha are supported and do not have strong PTOs or none.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheons

Educators are honored for their work with at-risk youth at 3 schools by hosting “Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheons” catered by Farmhouse in March or April for: 30 at ILP (Integrated Learning Program), 50 at Walnut Hill, and 30 at Omaha Street School (OSS). Volunteers from PCOC attend to host and support the PCOC commitment and recognize them. Each staff member and teacher is provided a Target gift card. Volunteers enjoy sharing conversation with these special educators. We reaffirm our mission-relationship to these schools in this very meaningful way. The teachers are so very thankful for this recognition and our support. It is always a rewarding experience for all full of joy and thankfulness!

Graduation Support

Graduation for the ILP, an OPS alternative school, is supported by purchasing flowers, table service, decorations, corsages for dignitaries, speakers and singers. Each graduate receives an 8”x10″ picture frame with a 5”x7” picture of them and a $10 Target gift card. The parents, caregivers or guardians of the graduate treasure the framed picture.

Back-To-School Supplies

A Back-to-School Supplies project is conducted each July & August to provide backpacks, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, paper, crayons, erasers, glue, etc. for 4 schools: ILP, Walnut Hill, Sherman, and Bancroft. PCOC Junior High, elementary-age children & their families help sort, bag and deliver these items.

Coats, Clothing, Scarves, and Shoes Project

In October and November, the Coats, Clothing, Scarves & Shoes Project, winter needs are assessed at 5 school partners: Sherman, King, Walnut Hill, Bancroft and Dodge. Many students do not have the clothing needed to keep warm going to and from school or playing on the playground. Under these conditions, they do not learn well. Julie Buehler knits and donates hundreds of scarves, and her daughter, Kristin Johnson, supported by her husband, Rob, and daughters, MacKenzie and Corah, purchase, sort, bag and deliver these items. About $4,000 is spent for this mission for at-risk youth. The administrators, teachers, parents, and students greatly appreciate these items and offer many expressions of appreciation that we will never know.


BoxTops for Education are collected all during the year. Twice/year, they are delivered to Walnut Hill where teachers and the Family & Community Liaison count and send them in for reimbursement. The Student Council decides how they want to use this money after considering several ideas: ½ for grades K-3 and ½ for grades 4-6. Setting goals they choose and using the democratic process is empowering these students and to use the democratic process. You can help by filling up the box located on the Information Center cart.


Mission Committee funds are contributed annually to 5 schools: ILP, Walnut Hill, Sherman, Bancroft and King. Each school determines how to use their gift to assist at-risk youth, usually for non-budgeted priority items.

Did you know that in 2008, the Omaha Public School Board recognized Presbyterian Church of the Cross as an “A+ Advocate”, the first church to ever receive this distinction.

Thank you, congregation, for your generous support of Mission. You truly have the ‘Spirit of Mission’. Contact the coordinator if you would like to serve.


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