& Building Use Guidelines


Return completed form to Congregational Life’s Moderator: Kristin Jacobi


Process for Creating a New Group

Have an idea about forming a new group? Here is the process for getting started:

  • Print the New Group Proposal form found here.
  • Return the completed form to one of Congregational Life’s Co-Moderators

The proposal will be submitted to the committee for consideration at its next meeting (usually the first Tuesday of the month). One of the moderators will contact the person making the proposal with the committee’s acceptance; then publication about the new group may begin.

NOTE: If there is need for financial support for the group or program, then Session would also need to approve it. If the group plans to meet at the church, meetings will need to be coordinated with the church calendar.


Building Use

The building is used throughout the week for a variety of groups or activities. With approval of the staff or Session, members may use the building for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Current outside groups using the building on a regular basis include:


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